Biocatalysis -
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We have a passion for sustainable processes and enzymes, bringing us a step closer to green synthetic strategies.

Research Highlights


My group at @polimi has open positions for PhD students in the fields of #catalysis and #flowchemistry. The positions will focus on designing catalysts for waste-to-value, and flow methods for catalyst evaluation. Interested candidates can contact me by email #phd

PostDoc position available in the group of @deuxbeck Damien Debecker to bridge bio- and chemocatalysis!

Team work here! Well done @anabel_gzl Calvin and @DRou6! A novel thymidine phosphorylase to synthesize (halogenated) anticancer and antiviral nucleoside drugs in continuous flow - now published in Catalysis Science & Technology

There is still one position available to be filled. Deadline for applications 19th August! Come to work with us @DCBPunibern #PhDposition #chemjobs #chemtwitter

#JobAlert for the open Project Manager position of our new @MSCActions Doctoral Network @MetRaZymes. Spread the word and apply if you are interested in science management!

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Enzyme Toolbox

We have introduced many enzymes in our toolbox over the years (and we always look for more!) to make our chemistry more and more versatile.

Flow Biocatalysis

We combine different enzymes, those that offer optimal characteristics for our chemistry, in continuous artificial biocatalytic pathways.

Enzyme immobilization

Enzyme stability can be greatly enhanced if the biocatalyst is anchored to a support. We develop novel strategies for enzyme immobilization.

Chemo-enzymatic Processes

Flow equipment and compartmentalisation of reaction steps offer an exceptional opportunity to integrate enzymes in organic syntheses.



Collection of the group research and review articles  to date

Books & Chapters

Making a difference in the education of the next generation of scientists


Our discoveries with IP status in the field of biocatalysis and chemistry

Francesca Paradisi

Professor of Sustainable Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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