Chemistry- A European Journal (2021): “GPhos ligand enables the production of chiral N-arylamines in a telescoped transaminase–Buchwald-Hartwig amination cascade in the presence of excess amine donor”

A fine paper from Chris. Here he explored how we can combine transaminases and chemocatalysis, specifically looking for water-compatible Pd catalysts to synthesise arylamines. All the credits goes to him and he shares here the corresponding authorship! Chemistry- A European Journal 2021 in press (doi:10.1002/chem.202103472) Read the full paper here Related Posts

Frontiers Bioeng. Biotechnol. (2020): “An (R)-Selective Transaminase from Thermomyces stellatus: Stabilizing the Tetrameric Form”

Chris expanded our transaminase toolbox by cloning a new (R) selective enzyme which has the advantage of expressing in very high quantities and it’s very stable. Together with out collaborator Louise Gourlay in Milan, we have also successfully crystallised the structure and provided very useful insight into the quaternary structure of such enzyme. The tetrameter could be further stabilised by introducing strategic cysteine residues to enable the formation of intra-subunit […]

Frontiers Bioeng. Biotechnol. (2019): “Enhancing PLP-binding capacity of class-III ω-transaminases by single residue substitution”

The importance of PLP stability in transaminases prompted us to investigate less obvious residues which may be involved in anchoring the PLP. This work was a great collaboration with Dr. Lopez-Gallego (who just recently moved back to San Sebastian) and Dr.Dreveny in Nottingham. Very well done to David who carried out this work and got the good news of it being accepted on the […]